Comprehensive College Advising

Comprehensive College Advising

This structured program is designed to guide 9th-11th grade students and families through every phase of the college application process.

Starting with the basics, students will be educated on the steps they need to take to become compelling applicants, and they will work with their advisor to determine the types of settings and programs that will serve them best after high school.

From goal-setting and academic and extracurricular planning to college list development, essay, and application assistance, students will be supported by a licensed school counselor whose priority is to help them develop impactful college applications that stand out.

Program highlights:

  • 16-25 hours of one-on-one college advising sessions depending on the academic year the student registers with Admission Sense
  • Evaluation of student’s record, including high school transcript, standardized test results (if applicable), and any relevant documentation including IEPs or 504 accommodations
  • Personalized timeline and strategic plan for the college process that addresses standardized testing, college visits, recommendation letter requests, interviewing, application preparation, and more
  • Development of a smart and personalized college list
  • Access to College Planner Pro© software program

  • Suggested tips for college visits and ways to demonstrate interest in colleges

  • Course planning through senior year

  • Resume creation and recommendations for extracurricular activities

  • Essay topic brainstorming and writing instruction

  • 20+ hours of back-end application support that includes essay feedback, editing and proofreading

  • Recommendations for application strategy: what makes you unique?
  • Interview preparation

  • Time management assistance and deadline oversight

  • Overall peace of mind from knowing you are being supported by licensed professionals with institutional knowledge.

“The college application process can be a daunting and overwhelming experience not just for the student but for the parents as well. There were so many things to consider, including all the essays, supplements, and portfolios that my daughter needed to include in the process for the colleges she was applying to. This was our first college application experience, so we were at a complete loss on how to handle it. A friend of mine recommended Admissions Sense and reassured me that I would get top-notch support. When we first met Sara Haberman for a consultation, I just knew that we were in good hands. Her knowledge about the process, experience, and patience with answering all our questions, put my daughter and me at ease. Sara reviewed my daughter’s common application and provided great insights on key and important things to include or exclude. Throughout the entire process, I was very impressed with Sara’s extensive knowledge about the schools we were applying to. She diligently reviewed all my daughter’s essays, supplements and portfolio and provided great guidance. My daughter received several acceptances and will be attending the University of Michigan. Thank you, Sara and the Admission Sense team! We are so grateful for your support and guidance throughout the entire process.”

– Terri-Ann